Family Mediation

Mediation resolves issues arising from Family breakdown. 

Headed by Nathalie Wespieser who is a Resolution trained Family Mediator, Flackwell Family Mediation provides a confidential, proactive alternative to using Solicitors or the Courts

Facilitated by Nathalie as Mediator, the Mediation process will assist you in reaching agreement as to your concerns, such as arrangements for your children, divorce or separation, financial matters or any other concerns. Nathalie will explore resolution of all matters with you in an environment and with an agenda acceptable to both of you.

Nathalie will:

  • Meet you to explain how Mediation works, and to see if it is something that would work for you
  • See you and the other person, separately if appropriate
  • Conduct meetings round a table, with you both if appropriate
  • Provide a comprehensive written summary of any agreement reached

Call Nathalie on 01628 810 707 for a no obligations chat about Family Mediation.