Whether you are a private individual involved in a dispute with your neighbours, a landlord seeking to recover possession of a property from a tenant, a small business having trouble getting an invoice paid, or a company locked in a high-value contractual dispute with a supplier, Buchanans Solicitors is able to assist.

These days Courts expect reasonable efforts to be made to settle disputes prior to litigation. We have much experience in the art of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”), and have satisfactorily concluded many disputes by these means. However, should negotiation or ADR fail to deliver an acceptable result, we are able to draft the claim paperwork, issue court proceedings, and guide you through every stage of the litigation process.

Buchanans Solicitors has substantial experience of acting for clients, both claimant and defendant, in both the County Court and High Court, and we have close links with barristers chambers in London and the Thames Valley should highly specialised advice or advocacy be required.